Glitter Fun with Unicorn Snot

"I remember it like it was yesterday"...  Kinda feels like a corny way to start this story but here it is, a picture from about 25 years ago of my sister and I doing our grandpa's hair.  I remember him letting us put 50 clips and ponytails in his hair if we could fit them all and boy did we try! 

I've been teasing my dad for weeks that he was going to recreate this picture with the grandkids awhile back using Unicorn Snot but he wasn't such a good sport. Something about having to drive an hour home covered in glitter.... I think he would have looked pretty... LOL

Miss Aly loves loves loves glitter and her and papa just "love" doing glitter projects. I say that with great enthusiasm can you tell? Papa just doesn't like finding glitter all over the house for months to come so the Unicorn Snot products were really something to be excited about.  I sent some home with Aly knowing she can eventually get papa to cave. It's just a matter of time.  ;)

 Jeramiah was a good sport though!  The girls used the Unicorn Snot glitter gel and had a blast spiking his hair.  Poor boy would do anything for these girls.

I had to let him know that the Glitter Gel is easy to wash off though!  Even though they started getting it on his face he sat there nicely until they were done.  The Unicorn Glitter Gel washes off easy so I wasn't too worried about my boy being all dolled up.  It didn't last long and again, he's such a good sport!

Look at all these sparkles!  The Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel is full of colorful shimmers and shine yet still a vegan and cruelty free product.  After all, we wouldn't want the Unicorns to come tracking us down right?

Unicorn Snot offers a neat selection of colorful products!  We also received Unicorn Snot Lip Gloss.  I can just hear my grandma saying "because who doesn't want to put boogers on their lips".  Sorry, we really did have a lot of fun with the Unicorn Snot!!  I wish this stuff was around when I was younger!

So about that lipgloss!  Check out Miss Aly and her Yellow Unicorn Snot LipGloss!  It's not overbearing by any means and definatly not just for costume use.  Aly can wear this all year round and especially when dressing up for an event.  Every little girl wants to feel pretty and the shimmer and shine in Unicorn Snot is safe, non-toxic, and does just that!

I have to admit,  I gave the Unicorn Snot Lip Gloss a try.  It's flavorless, so you don't have to worry about additives in a flavor that you may or may not enjoy.... And it actually goes on pretty smooth.  It's not too flashy but adds just the right amount of sparkle to the day!

Check out this Holographic Lip Glitter! Unicorn Snot has so many great fun products I just had to send this one home with Miss Aly.   The Lip Glitter kit comes with a cotton candy flavored primer, a "magic finishing wand" (the brush) and these bright shinny colors!  These are so much fun because you can really get creative with the sparkle.

Grandma Honey even got in on the action with Miss Aly and they had some great bonding time ( since dad was a poop).  Our little diva put pink in the middle and the gold on her edges.   We love the Unicorn Snot products and this Holographic Lip glitter is so cool!  The lip glitter is cruelty free and vegan.  After all, we gotta protect the unicorns!

The last Unicorn Snot product we received is the 30SPF Sunscreen!  Oh my gosh it's like a bottle of body fun goodness that actually serves a purpose!  This is by far my new favorite sunscreen!  It's made from Beeswax so it's super light, not greasy one single bit, rubs in really really easy, and water resistant!  Truly my new favorite sunscreen so you'll have to read the complete review here. CLICK HERE

Again and again, we love the Unicorn Snot products! Be sure to check out Unicorn Snot and all their fun products at the following links;

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