Magic Bodega Holo Umbrella- Perfect to Personalize!

I've told you all about Unicorn Snot, and Hypster Kidd, but today I'm lucky enough to tell you about Magic Bodega another great FCTRY company!  If you've been following us, you've seen FCTRY features some really awesome and fun products and this Holo Umbrella is no exception!

Check it out!  This iridescent holographic umbrella has a color changing canopy that shimmers and shines but is completly see through!  I had Miss Layla help me with pictures for this review and she loved spinning and twirling the umbrella in the rain.

 The Holo Umbrella is kid friendly, easy to open and close, but I have to admit, I wouldn't mind using it myself as the 46" opening offers perfect coverage for adults and kids alike.

Layla helped me with the review and I wouldn't mind using it, so what are we doing with it?  The Holo Umbrella is the PERFECT umbrella for customization!

 I'm a crafter and I've had customers ask me before about umbrellas.  But the only clear ones that I've been able to find are cheap and poorly made.  Not anymore!  The Holo Umbrella is made from a soft plastic, and has protective covers on the metal support bars to protect the plastic from any holes.  The handle is easy to hold and the quality is top notch!  The Holo Umbrella was so simple to personalize with my Cameo and turned out too cute!!

Thank you FCTRY for another great recommendation!  We love the Holo Umbrella and I can't wait to share with all my crafting friends!

If your in the market for a new umbrella, or a great gift you can personalize yourself, check out Magic Bodega & FCTRY at the following links;

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