Milk+Sass "works better than any other brush"

"This brush works better than any others that I've had" says Layla, and that's a big sigh of relief!  This child HATES brushing her hair!  It's a constant battle to keep her hair nice but when I walked out into the living room the other night, her hair was super shiny, smooth, and brushed so pretty.  That's when I noticed the Macaron hair brush from Milk + Sass in her hand.  She was actually brushing her hair willingly!

Layla then informed me that "The brush will fit perfect for my backpack and I can take it with me to school and to moms! Yes, love!  If your willingly going to brush your hair you can take it wherever you want!

We were one of the first ones to receive the new Milk + Sass Macarons in their new colors and they are just too cute!  I love these little Macaron brushes only for the fact that Layla will brush her hair without being asked, and it comes out tangle free!  She loves them because they fit easily in her hand, the colors are neat, and get the tangles out without pulling her hair! And like I said before her hair was sooooooooo shinny and soft!

Then again, this silly girl is really rather silly and even enjoyed playing with the Macaron trying to see if it would balance on her new soft hair.  She's so goofy sometimes!

The Macaron brushes are compact in their own little case and like I said before come in several different colors!  One side is the brush itself, which for Layla was easy to hold and the other side is a cute convenient mirror. I personally had trouble holding onto the brush while I was brushing her hair but did OK with my own.  My hands don't always work the way I would like them to due to years of on the computer and holding that darn cell phone so I put no fault of this onto Milk + Sass.

The outside of the Macarons are easy to hold rubber like material and the brussels are also soft "no ouch".  These are the perfect brushes for anyone with a sensitive scalp, (or little girls who just don't like brushing their hair).

Who's ready to win a Milk +Sass brush of their own?  They are graciously allowing us to give away one brush from their website winners choice!  Get your entries below!

Wanna learn more about Milk +Sass?  Check them out at the following links;

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