My Yard Sale Finds

So my best friend and I decided a few weeks ago to bite the bullet and get a booth at one of the local flea markets.  Splitting the cost it's $12.50 a month for each of us and I actually kinda figured I could take my crafts up there and it's a place to store them and I don't have to constantly drive into town to meet people, they can just pick it up there.  WOW totally worth it!  

Well this weekend we went to a couple yard sales to get out of the house for a bit and I just couldn't leave these treasures behind! Check out what we got, how much we paid, and what I hope to sale it for!  

I'm not even sure what this was supposed to be other than it was in a "free pile" and I very graciously offered to take the pile off her hands when I seen a few baskets in it.  So I cut all the plastic vine off, wire brushed the metal, and gave both the metal and wood a fresh touch of paint.  What a difference!
Cost: $0.00  Sale   $10.99

This piece was from the same sale and they had $2.00 on this toilet paper holder.  I offered $1.00 and got it!  It was extremely dusty and it had been sitting for awhile you could tell.  I took it all apart, sanded it down and BURNED IT! I love wood burning because it brings out the natural grooves of the wood.   After a nice clear coat and a new dowel rod it's ready to go!

Cost: $1.00     Sale $10.00   Update: SOLD after 15 minutes of posting it online :)

 Here's one of those "baskets" that was in that free box at the same sale!  

I'm absolutely not going to do anything with this!!  After a little searching, the Napa Valley Box Company Audio Cassett Tape Crate seems to be work about $17 bucks on ebay. 

Cost $0.00   Sale    $7.99

Now I did pick these up at a different sale.  It was towards the end of the day when everyone's ready to close up.  I'm guessing they went several more hours though because they were set up in a gas station parking lot.  These weren't priced so I offered a quarter each.  SCORE! I knew they were something, but I really didn't know what. Turns out they are Federal  Depression Glass Ice Cream dishes. Neat huh!?

Cost $0.25 Sale: $8.99 for the pair

Wanna know what my best deal was this weekend?  This guy said he had a electric meat grinder and had $10 bucks on it.  I didn't even look at it, and offered him $5.  I figured for 5 bucks, if it didn't work then I only wasted 5 bucks.  If it worked just once, we got our $5 out of it right?  Processing is expensive!  Sure enough Sold!  $5!  Got it home and it was actually a 1960's Champion Juicer and it works like a champ!! Holy smokes I couldn't believe it!  Sorry honey, you didn't get a meat grinder today.....  I've only done a little looking but I'm gonna go ahead and price this at about $60 and see what happens.  It's complete and I found it for the $70's plus over $30 for shipping on ebay.  Then on another page I found just the motor for $20.  So we'll just see what happens.

Cost $5    Sale:  $60 

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