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I love new clothes and the how refreshing it can be to put on a new outfit, but since I've had Kolton, I try to avoid the big department stores and most of all the mall. Actually, we haven't been to the mall since I've had him, which is crazy to believe! I love shopping but hate the crowds lately!

Nadine West is the perfect solution for that! Every month they hand select and send you a selection of outfits and jewelry based on your individual style profile. This is our second shipment from Nadine West and yet again they did a great job!

 I love this fall outfit because each piece goes well with so many different garments out of my closet and even looks more perfect together. 

This month with our Nadine West subscription we received two new tops, a pair of stretchy jean leggings, a beautiful pair of flower earrings, and two really nice necklaces. What a selection!  The best thing about Nadine West is if you don't like a piece, you can always send it back with their pre-made return shipping label.  Our return label is again going in the trash.  I love this months shipment!

The solid green shirt has a neat criss-cross design on it making it perfectly acceptable with or without that sheer cover-up.  The cover-up and the short sleeves on the shirt make this a great combination for fall especially in Missouri where it can be 75 at 4 pm and then 40 by 6.  Gotta love Missouri weather.... 

I really love that necklace too.  I don't wear a ton of jewelry because I'm either too picky or don't have the time.  The chain on this one is long enough it goes on and off in just a second making it an easy grab for this Mom on the go!  

Check out the second necklace we received!  Pictures could not do this piece justice!  On a double gold chain, these two pendants shimmer and shine!  The chain seems pretty durable and so far has held up great against my grabbing 6 month old!  

But these earrings!  Oh these earrings!  I've almost worn these non-stop!  They are so light weight and about the size of a nickle.  They are delicate yet beautiful and I absolutely love them! 

Oh Nadine West, you are my favorite personal stylist!  I can't wait see what's next!!!  

Nadine West is perfect if your a busy Mom or just don't care to fight the crowds at the department stores.  Besides, who doesn't love their own personal stylist who does the shopping for you completly risk free?  You can't beat that! 

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