October Degusta Box is full of treats!

Oh my goodness I totally failed this month and almost forgot to tell you about our Degusta Box! I guess the reason for that would be we gobbled it all up within a few days!  The October Degusta Box was FABULOUS!

What's for dinner?  This Idahoan Foods steakhouse potato soup was wonderful!  So chunky and full of flavor!  Oh and the bacon pieces in it, oh it was just so good!  Hubby liked the Bush's Best chickpea salad booster and the crisp roasted chickpeas!  He was eating them one day after work as a snack but I think they are way better in a salad for sure!

Every month, Degusta Box encourages a little cooking with different hand selected ingredients.  This month they sent Sunspire Peanut Butter chips and included a Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie recipe.  While those sounded great, the kids decided to make some chocolate peanut butter cookies instead.  I'll have to dig that recipe out because they were amazing! I love having kids who can cook and I thank companies like Degusta Box for the encouragement!

October's the perfect month for snacks snacks and more snacks.  We have football ending, wrestling beginning, and it's constantly run run run! Degusta Box took the away the hassle of shopping and the kids all had plenty of snacks to get them through!  Layla and Jeramiah made bags of popcorn this morning to take after school and they each used a bag of these Pirate's Booty puffed corn in with their popcorn.  What silly gooses but it actually made a very nice blend of treats. 

Here my first thought is to say "who doesn't love Sixlets" but that was until i tried the gummy Sixlets... Defiantly not for me!  and I really do like most gummy candy.  I was so glad when I seen the original Sixlets! Back to the classics!  The Welch's Fruit Snacks were a good touch too!  Easy to throw in the diaper bag for on the go!

So I opened the Bahlsen Waffeleten cookies, they were so good!  They're like a light crispy waffle cone dipped in a very sweet milky chocolate.  They are wonderful!

The Garoto bar was totally different!  It was like a solid chocolate bar but you could really taste the banana filling.  It was almost like a chocolate covered banana but more flavorful!

So I only got a small taste of the Brown & Haley Sea Salt Caramel Roca Buttercrunch.  They were gone!  Everyone ate them!  Well that bite was really good anyways.... Really sweet though for sure! Then of course there was the Tastykake treats!  The kids totally took off with these on the way to the bus one morning, but hey, I can't blame them! 

I love our Degusta Box subscription!  Each month there's a huge variety and it's kinda fun to see the surprise.  We almost always enjoy everything in our box or at least someone in the house will so we definitely get to use everything that's sent!  And Degusta Box has saved the day more than once with the easy dinner items! 

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