Perfect Date Night Mineral Make-up with Orglamix

I finally got to try out my new mineral make up set from Orglamix a couple of times and I absolutely love the color shades in my Date Night Makeup Kit!

Orglamix is a cruelty free, vegan make-up company, that makes all of their products in small batches right here in the states.  Chicago to be exact.  Orglamix started on Etsy selling only eye shadow and have since grew to carry over 600 products!  They are growing fast and I can definitely see why!

I got to browse their store front and was really intrigued with their selection.  They have everything from monthly subscription boxes, to make up tools and a wide variety of colored mineral make up. But what stood out the most at Orglamix, was the option to purchase a complete look and everything you need to complete that look.  This was the Date Night Kit that includes all the complete make up set, a handy on the go brush kit, and  a cute little bag to keep it in.  I love the ease of grabbing this bag and knowing I have exactly what I need inside!

The Date Night Kit from Orglamix is great for most skin complexions.  I have a decent tan that generally fades in the winter so the Date Night Kit colors were perfect for me year round.  I love mineral make up for the ability to make the colors as bold or weak and the blush that came with this kit blends in well for perfectly warmed cheeks.

This kit starts off with 100% Whole Grain  self adjusting mineral foundation, again perfect for my fading tan.  The foundation brush made this a breeze to apply, but I do wish it had just a little more coverage.  I have horrible dark circles under my eyes most days, and acne as if I was still 15.  Isn't adulting fun? I did utilize a tinted BB cream and that made this foundation do just the trick. 

The Anise blush is a beautiful soft blend and finished really well with a natural look.  The kit includes two eyeshaddows.  The Chocolate Chip and Silk colors were exactly as described, true to the colors shown, and exactly what I was expecting.  And I do feel I had to share that because I've ordered numourous other mineral make ups and the colors are really REALLY off sometimes.  These were just perfect!

These brushes though.... These brushes did just the trick! They are really easy to handle, the wood handles seem like pretty good quality and appear that they're gonna last.  I was once told make up is all about the brush it's applied with.  Now I don't know how true that's held up to be, but a good brush set is a must!  Orglamix offers several different brush sets but I love how this one fits nicely with all the make up in that handy bag. 

I also received a sweet little surprise in my Orglamix order.  Check out this Autumn Pear Solid Perfume from Wicked-Good.co, it smells amazing!  I've used solid perfumes like this before and never has the scent been so long lasting.  Just a little dab here and there and the scent last all day!  The Autumn Pear is just a tad sweet mixed with a little fall spice.  It smells great! 

This colors in this kit are so natural and professional I can wear them both for personal evenings or professional outings. Be sure to check out Orglamix at the following links;

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