Pet Treater's great for fur baby bonding September Review

Our September Pet Treater box is here and the girls always know this is one box just for them. Well for the most part! Pet Treater likes to spoil the Pet Parents once in a while too and that's kinda cool right?

Pet Treater is a monthly subscription box for either cats or dogs, and then you can customize it to the size of your pet. Each month we receive these cute boxes stuffed full of treats, toys, and goodies for Moxi and Tally and as soon as the box arrives, they know its for them!

             Look at Moxi just waiting to dig in!

One of the first things I noticed was this cute tea towel Pet Treater had made up.   What ya think? Also with the tea towel, a heart shaped cookie cutter about the size of a 50 cent piece was included.  Both of these are obviously to be used by the pet parents and I think it's neat when Pet Treater includes products like these.  

They paired really well with the Whisk and Wag Peanut Butter and Berry Dog treat mix.  The September Pet Treater box included everything you need to bake Moxi and Tally their very own homemade treats.  I thought that was so neat and they are super simple to make.  And again, the cookie cutter was a nice touch because these could be made as drop cookies or rolled out! 

Every Pet Treater box we've received has included a treat from Emmy's Gourmet Canine Creations.  This month, she included a cute football cookie that the girls happily shared.  And by happily I mean Moxi took hers to the tall grass and Tally held on to hers tight while she enjoyed it.  They share well, can you tell?
I love the selection of snacks that come every month in our Pet Treater Box.  Moxi and Tally also gobbled up these Fish Skin Dental Chews.  They are made from dehydrated wild caught cod and are pretty much just the skin, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.    Kinda cool - kinda stinky :) Either way, both dogs loved them! 

The toys this month is what I'm the most excited about.  Crazy considering both Tally and Moxi are too lazy to chase anything that's not alive more than 5 feet away.  They're no fun when it comes to toys for sure but we have several neighbor fur babies that the kids really enjoy sharing our Pet Treater box with.  These Funchux are probably one of my all time favorite toys we've received.  The balls on the end are similar to the ball we received in our August Box  and Sports parents say that ball is still holding up great against their German Shephard.  The only thing they didn't like about it was that it was super slobbery and wet when trying to get it out of his mouth.  Well like most dog toys right...... ick..... I saw one of our neighbors carry around a towel when she was playing with the babies.  I guess that would be a great use for that tea towel above.... Anyways, these funchux are only $8 bucks on Amazon and I'll be sure to let you know in a couple weeks how they're holding up because the center strap is great for getting it lose from Sports mouth! 
And then we have that blanket!  Isn't it cute... Jeramiah and Maison think it's funny to give Baby Kolton some of the dog toys when they first come in (because they're clean of course) and I kinda had to "let Kolton" keep it.  I let him right?  This is me "letting" him keep it?  HAHA! Yea we know who rules this house for sure.....  It's super soft, and perfect size for Kolton to share with Moxi when they play on the floor together.  It's the SWEETEST thing!!! Moxi got Kolton's first kisses :( 


"Sure Mom, I'll share..


As you can see, we really do have a lot of fun  with our monthly subscription to Pet Treater.   Although the box is for our fur babies, the human items and the bake at home dog treats really help include the entire family in some fur baby bonding time.

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