Protecting Kolton's eyes with Hipsterkid Baby Sunglasses

Oh my goodness, I'm in love with these baby sunglasses from Hipsterkid!

Baby sunglasses are too cute! There's always different colors, designs, themes on kids glasses.  But although most glasses are cute, that doesn't mean they are safe or practical.  I mean, how successful have you ever been at telling a 6 month old to leave glasses on their face.
Then, I'm always afraid he will pull them off and poke himself. Baby's and sunglasses, just didn't really seem logical until we received these three pairs from Hipsterkid.  They are great and I'm not worried one bit when I put them on Kolton. 
Each pair we received are polarized and offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.  The frames are really flexible and totally durable considering they have floated around in the bottom of my purse for weeks now!  And I guess that means I can confirm the lenses really are shatterproof too!

We are outside all the time, and I love having these Hipsterkids Baby Sunglasses.  As a Mom, it's important to me to keep my baby safe.  Eyes, ears, and all the way from his head to his toes! I feel so much better knowing Kolton's eyes are protected against the harmful sun rays!

The Hipsterkid Baby Sunglasses protect his eyes, and are totally durable for a baby and toddler, (these fit up to age 2), but what about that practicality?

How do they stay on?  Kolton's only pulled them off a handful of times and I give this credit to the stay-on strap that each pair is equipped with.  This stretchy strap is so secure on the frames, I actually didn't even realize it was removable until hubby showed me.  Then I pulled it off with no problems after giving it a little pinch and pull at the same time.

This strap is a good 50% why these glasses are perfect for Kolton! Between the strap, and the lightweight frames, I can tell he enjoys wearing them. He doesn't pull them off nearly as often as other baby sunglasses we bought him.  Actually, until Hipsterkid we hadn't found a pair that he would even keep on!  He looks around more and avoids the sun a lot less.  You can tell the sun is still too bright for him and hurts his eyes without these glasses.

We love the Hipsterkid Baby Sunglasses!  They are absolutely perfect and I'll be recommending them to everyone we know with babies!  Hipsterkid offers a wide variety of colors of course, but most of all these are the most durable, safe, and practical baby sunglasses I've found yet!  Oh, and one last detail, Hipsterkid Baby Sunglasses are all 100% guaranteed, so if by chance you do drop them and step on them, or they break, or you even lose them.... They are guaranteed!

Thank you Hipsterkid for helping Kolton enjoy the great outdoors!

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