She finally makes her bed with Playtime Bed sheets

I have the absolutely worst time trying to get Layla to make her bed.  She even tries to convince Dad that if she has sheets on her bed, they wake her up and she has bad dreams....  Smooth child.... Your super smooth.... ;)

I thought the fight would never end until I got her the Playtime Bed sheets!   These are so cool! and she even told me on the way home from school yesterday that "these sheets help her sleep good and they're really soft".  

The Playtime Bed Sheets feature over 50 interactive games that can all be played with scraps pieces of paper, coins, or even random game pieces from the lost games in the closet.  Each piece of the 4 piece set is filled with vibrant, colorful, and engaging activities.

  The two pillowcases have their own create a story activity on them and now Layla wants pillows on her bed!  YES!  She boycotted all pillows when she got her Sleep ZZZ pillow and refused to use anything else since.  I think it just made her bed look funny so I'm glad she actually wants the extra pillows now!

I was most excited about the sign language alphabet that goes up the side.  There are so many educational features with the Playtime Bed Sheets this is a great set to encourage kids to make their bed!

When I was checking out the Playtime Bed Sheets, I seen the company also offers a set in blue and has slumber bags.  But what caught my eye the most is their mission to give back.  They have partnered with children's hospitals, women's shelters, and inter-nation relief organizations across the world.  Be sure to check out their story here. CLICK HERE

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