Fall in love with Nadine West this fall!

I got the cutest outfits this week from Nadine West and if you haven't had the chance to check them out you really need to head over to their website!  Nadine West is a monthly clothing subscription  with your own personal stylist shopper.  Based on my style quiz that I've filled out when I first signed up and even updated as the shipments come along, they send me the cutest outfits and accessories and take all the shopping troubles away!

I can't believe Kolton is 7 months old already, but I do know how busy he keeps me.  Yes, I need new clothes after having a baby for sure!  But I don't have the time to shop at the mall, nor do I really want to take him out as flu season is approaching and he's already been sick. With Nadine West, I don't have to leave the house to update my wardrobe! I love it!

This month, I received three clothing pieces, this adorable soft pink dress, a cute fall plaid shirt, and a sweater to keep me warm in this ever changing Missouri weather.  Also, lets not forget about accessories!  I received a simple dainty pair of studs that I just absolutely love! I haven't taken them out since they arrived!  My shipment also included acute blue necklace and set of gold colored hoop dangling earrings.

The pink dress is super soft, just the right length and even has a couple hidden pockets in the seams.  The 3/4 length sleeves are absolutely perfect for fall and the form fitting black sweater is a great addition!  I've worn the sweater several times with other outfits and it blends well with just about any top and for any occasion.

The plaid top though has to be my favorite shirt I've received from Nadine West so far!  It's totally cute, the colors are adorable, and just has total stylish fall look about it.  Again with the 3/4 length sleeves but these have what I call a "control button".  You can unravel them to make them longer or use the button and the hidden strap to roll them up as the day warms up.  Either look is great and this shirt is so comfy!!  Plus the plaid design with the darker colors really helps hide any excess baby dribbles.  Come on moms you know what I'm talking about!

I absolutely love Nadine West!  They send me a couple cute outfits, either every two weeks or monthly and I can try them on when I'm ready! If I love them, I keep them!  If they're just not the right piece for me, I can send them back.  (but I've never had to send anything back, yet)  I get new outfits, new jewelry, and I don't even have fight the struggle of taking a 7 month old shopping or waste time behind a computer.  Nadine West is perfect for me and all you busy moms out there!
Nadine West really knows how to pick them and I love having my own personal shopper!   Nadine West is on top of it when it comes to the cutest outfits and accessories!  Why are you waiting?  Head on over and check them out at the following links.

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