Pet Treater for the Holidays

I'm sitting here working on personalized snowman mugs and Baby Kolton crawls over to this bright blue box and starts hitting on it.... Could that be a "Hey Mom, let's spoil the puppies?" I think so! Turns out he really just wanted to crawl in the box and sit there for awhile.

Our fur babies love the monthly Pet Treater subscription box! Apparently, Kolton does too! I mean, that box is just the right size for his little bottom!  Plus he got to give the puppies their treats, even though I'm pretty sure he was thought the cookie from Emmy's Gourmet Canine Creations was for him.  Sorry sweet boy, those are puppy cookies! Emmy's Gourmet Canine Creations always sends a very pretty themed cookie in our Pet Treater box.  This month it was shaped as a leaf and like a goof ball I broke it up and gave it to the puppies before taking a picture.  It never fails, but in my defense, I was trying to keep Kolton from eating it....

Since this was our November box, Pet Treater included an adorable "Official Turkey Tester" bandana that I actually got Moxi to wear! Isn't she sweet? Or at least a good sport. She was waiting so patiently for the Vegalicious treats that her and Tally loved!

 The Vegalicious treats are a light and fluffy noodle shaped treat and as I opened them I figured they were going to leave crumbs and a mess as the girls ate them.  (Which is why we usually do these boxes and treats outside but it's been too cold lately).  No snack crumbs left behind at all! The 100% all natural treats held their composure as the girls ate them making these a great treat to have around with an adventurous baby that puts EVERYTHING in his mouth! These are a win for sure!!!

How about grooming?  It can be hard to keep up with grooming appointments during these winter months.  With the holidays, the school and sport functions, and then our crazy Missouri weather, it's just hard to keep up sometimes.  Thank you Pet Treater for keeping this in mind.  Pet Treater included Probiotic Deodorizer from Skout's Honor.  The lavender scent is nice and it really seems to freshen up Moxi's coat.  She at least smells better anyways!  This seems like a really good back up to a very busy schedule. 

So what about those toys? I'm not sure if I just missed the tag on that super duty heavy tug rope but it really seems like it's going to hold up well.  It's super heavy and the blue handle really seems like it will provide a little comfort for Dog vs. human. HAHA!

We get to double up on the action with the soft squeaky and crinkle toy came from PetRageous Designs.  Kolton liked waving this one around Moxi but she really showed no interest.  I swear our dogs are just kinda lazy.... But what else is new?

Pet Treater is a great subscription box if your looking for  high quality products or just wanna spoil your fur baby month after month!  Of course you can cancel at any time, but why not put a Pet Treater box under the tree this year?

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